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Corporate Finance
Debt Syndication
We provide syndication services to our clients to fulfill their desired financing requirements. Our experienced structuring, syndication, and distribution professionals work with your team to provide solutions to both private and public sector institutions. BOBCAPS has been offering its debt syndication services to various corporates by arranging financial assistance (both term loan and working capital) to their projects and operations.

Project Appraisal
Our Project Appraisal department has a team of well qualified and experienced professionals with domain knowledge in several sectors to carry out appraisal of various projects. The project appraisal done by BOBCAPS is well accepted and appreciated in the market. These appraisals also come handy for purposes like asset acquisition, disinvestment decisions, etc. We also undertake Techno Economic Viability Studies for greenfield projects, investment projects, corporate restructuring, etc.

Business Valuation
Our team has a thorough understanding of valuation related issues and is well recognized for its technical rigour in the industry. We provide timely and high-standard business/enterprise level as well as shareholder level valuation services to our clients to help them make optimal business decisions. We undertake valuation of shares for capital issues like IPO/Rights Issue. We also undertake valuation of companies for M&A Deals, employee compensation schemes, etc.

Capital Restructuring
We offer debt restructuring & capital reorganisation solutions to corporates who are going through tough business cycles by approaching lenders & shareholders with strategies and instruments for optimising the current capital structure, matching the financial resources with the operations, raising additional funds for operations as well as for refinancing existing debt.

Private Equity
We provide synergy between the investors and the investee company and help identify the appropriate investor for the company by using the perfect combination of our past experience and extensive network. We undertake preparation of Information Memorandum (IM) with all possible material information about the client’s past, present and future plans based on which the potential investor would take a prudent investment decision. We believe in delivering the most appropriate investment, in the most appropriate manner.

ECB Financing and Foreign Currency Debt
We focus on all types of foreign currency credit requirements of Indian corporates in arranging the Foreign Currency Loans. We help in arranging loans with different maturity periods with suitability and flexible structuring options for moratorium periods and repayment of the same. Our parent, BOB has a strong geographical presence across the globe and have an edge over all others in our capability to arrange/grant the funds from the international market. Bank of Baroda’s long experience and wide presence across the globe gives us the leverage to understand the ECB and Foreign Currency Debt market better and are thus offer able to offer best terms to our clients.

Capital Markets

IPOs/FPOs/Rights Issue
Our business is based on strong relationships, innovations, and uncompromising ethical standards. BOBCAPS ensures that all activities related to issue management are in total compliance with the relevant statutes, rules and regulations. Our strengths include in-depth knowledge of regulatory environment, understanding of industry, market dynamics, placement capabilities and strong networking.

Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) is a mode of raising equity capital for listed corporates in an efficient, cost effective & timely manner. We undertake management of Qualified Institutions Placement involving placement of listed companies’ equity or instruments convertible into equity with QIBs.

Bonds Issue
Bonds are a valuable segment of the fixed income securities market. BOBCAPS offers services in relation to issuance of Taxable, Tax Free as well as Infrastructure Bonds.

Private Placement of Debt
BOBCAPS has been Lead Arrangers for many a private placement of Debt/Non Convertible Debenture/Bonds. With a comprehensive understanding of capital structures, BOBCAPS is in a position to structure optimal financing solution for its clients.

Open Offers
We offer our services to act as managers to open offers in respect of substantial acquisition of shares of listed companies under the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011

We undertake transactions for buyback of securities in accordance with the SEBI (Buyback of Securities) Regulations, 1998 and undertake activities in a planned and required manner, thereby delivering the best to our valued clients.

We handle assignments for reverse book building in respect of de-listing of shares as per SEBI (De-listing of Securities) Guidelines, 2009.

ESOP Valuation
BOBCAPS offers its expertise for the implementation of ESOPs by corporates under the SEBI (Employee Stock Option Scheme and Employee Stock Purchase Scheme), Guidelines, 1999.

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